Juniors - Local

Juniors from 4 to 15(Boys) / 16(Girls)
play in the local Competition organised by LUFC.
will be announced when the competition starts. It is usually at the No.2 and No.3 ovals Wednesday evenings commencing at 4:30PM.
are at No.2 and No.3 Ovals from 8 till 12 on Saturdays commencing the second week of term 2 on Saturday May 2nd. The season will end at the end of August, with breaks for the June long weekend and the last two Saturdays of the July holidays.
Start times:
  • 10am : A grade (11 & up) and SSG 7 (6/7's)
  • 11am : SSG 5 (4/5's) and C Grade (8/9/10's)
Canteen Roster:
The roster is: www.leetonunitedfc.org.au/info/rosterv01.html. All teams have to help out in the canteen for one Saturday Morning. The larger teams have two mornings as only half the parents are needed each time.
Team List
Latest Team List for the Local LUFC Junior competition can be found at www.leetonunitedfc.org.au/info/teamsv09.html If your child is not included in a team, they have not been registered. To register go online at www.myfootballclub.com.au .
Coaching Clinics
are organised each school holidays, depending on the availability of our quality coaching staff (current and past). This season we have tentatively organised two; for the first week of the July holidays and the first week of the September holidays.

All current and new players welcome.